Promo Items for Startups: Are they worth it?

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Promo Items have been available for a while. Choose a practical product, put your logo on it, produce it wholesale, and give it to the prospects to remember you later. If they see your brand printed on a t-shirt, promotional pens, promotional mugs, or pen drives, chances are they’ll buy your products when the time comes. However, in this golden age of online advertising, are marketing products still important for new businesses? Let’s just be honest. Sending a tweet is almost free, but producing physical items have a cost. Also, the benefits of a well-executed SEO strategy can be better and more durable than those resulting from the production and distribution of promotional products.

Promotional products offer lots of possibilities

Promotional products may be used in many settings and applications. One of the most popular uses is to increase brand awareness by largely distributing one or more promotional items to ensure that your brand is seen and recalled by a wider audience. It is also possible to use corporate gifts in a B2B context, for example, to encourage brand memorability. You can give them away with a purchase, or as thank-you items. You can even give them as rewards for brand engagements on social media. To get the best ROI out of your promotional items campaign we recommend you read our article “10 Steps to Failproof Your Promotional Products Campaign“.

According to the 2016 ASI Ad Impressions 2016 survey, up to 85% of people admitted to remembering the name of the company that gave them a promo item. In addition, buyers tended to hold a positive impression of the organization giving them promotional gifts of some value in relation to a company that showed only a digital advertisement on a screen. Moreover, promotional products companies allow you to print bulk for a more reasonable price.


So, what’s the key?

The key is durability. Nothing nearly matches the lasting power of promotional products. That is where their true power lies. If it’s useful, it’s unlikely it’ll end up in a drawer. If well-crafted it could last for years, expanding its advertising powers over time.

promotional products Promo Items for Startups. Are They Worth It? Yellow3 Marketing
Source: ASI Central


So, are promotional items a good option to market your startup? Well, that depends on the audience you want to target and your budget. But it is clear that the power of promotional products competes evenly or even in times exceeds the power of digital marketing if used in the right way.

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