Promotional Clothing Tips to Choose the Right Apparel

Promotional Clothing Tips


There are many ways to advertise your brand. Through promotional products, social media, flyers, business cards…However, promotional clothing products are our favorite.

What could be sweeter than watching people walk around, essentially advertising your brand?. But before you go deeper into the design and production of high-quality clothes, you’ll have to make sure that we’re covering the basics. That’s why we made this guide for you.

Here are the four most important things you need to think about before producing your promotional apparel:


What’s your brand all about?

woman planning to buy her promotional apparelOur first step is a must for any promotional activity, and the development of promotional clothes is not an exemption.

The question you need to ask yourself is simple: What is your brand truly about? Nailing down what makes your brand special can be difficult. There are probably many things you like about your brand, but you can’t be sure what makes it look different from your competitors. What makes your brand unique?

Let’s think about this in a slightly different way. Think of things or ideas you’d like people to connect to your brand name. Do they love your products? Why? Is it that they are affordable?. Eco-friendly? Or perhaps high-quality?

Still uncertain about your brand identity? Now, this might sound weird but think of it as if it was a person. Would he be young or old?. Male or women?. Where would he/she live?. In a city, a village, by the beach, or the mountains?. How does he/she travel to work? What does he/she like to do on weekends? Reading about brand archetypes could also help.


Who will use your promotional clothing, and also what do they like to wear?

So, now that you have found your brand identity, it’s time to talk about those who will wear your promotional apparel!

Promotional shirts with logos are one of the most popular advertising clothing products. Everybody uses T shirts. They are a good choice that is flexible and comfortable at the same time. Yet, as great as they are, there are plenty of other choices available. To mention just a few of them: hoodies, fleeces, polo shirts, vest tops, aprons, sports tops, zip-neck fleeces, v-neck T shirts … and the list goes on and on. However, not all alternatives will be a good suit for any case. It is a matter of discovering the perfect match between what your brand is about and what people like to put on.

Are you looking for something inexpensive? Then an excellent option would be T-Shirts. Are you looking for something different because you have a little more room for maneuver in your budget? Try a hoodie. Something business-related? A polo shirt would work. And if your brand is about sports activities or being active, there are many activewear choices as well. Take a little time to examine what is offered and consider what fits more rationally with your brand and your customers or prospects.


What materials do you want your garments to be made of?

OK, now you’ve figured your brand’s identity and chosen the type of apparel you want to use as promotional clothing. But now it’s time to be a bit more specific. It’s time to figure out what materials you’d like your clothes to be made.

Are you after a 100% cotton T shirt? Or do you need something synthetic, like a sports performance top? Besides, you might want fabric made sustainably if being respectful of the environment is important to your brand.

Not exactly sure? There are other things that can help you to choose the right product. A big factor that can help you decide is your budget. And there are great choices at every price point. Usually, the product becomes more expensive with more fabric or filling (coats), more zippers, special materials, or a certain fit. But once again, there are choices for all kinds of budgets, so take a look at what is available. Another thing is the decorating techniques.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

    • Printing in a white garment is cheaper than in other colors
    • More colors=more expensive
    • More print locations=more expensive
    • For thicker clothing products, screen printing or embroidery are the best options.


What goal do you want your promotional clothes to achieve?

smiling woman with promotional clothingWe love promotional t-shirts. Yet we love them even more if the brand behind them is really clear as to what its goal is.

Promotional apparel can be a terrific medium to get your brand there and reach your marketing goals. We want to work with you to reach that goal. That is why we need to know what the goal of these clothes is.

If it’s for an event, will promotional clothing be offered for sale? Or do you want to make a memorable statement? Will the clothes be something you desire the guests to wear regularly after – or is it something for a one-day event?.

It probably doesn’t make sense to get expensive clothes for a single event if you think people are more likely to use them just for the event. On the other hand, if you’re aiming to produce one-of-a-kind statement clothes, you might think about something more special than a common unisex T shirt. Just use common sense and consider what is best suited to your goals.





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