Here Are Some Business Gift Ideas

business gift ideas











Promotional Gifts

You give promotional gifts as tokens of appreciation, but also as advertising items. These work best at trade conventions and as tokens of gratitude to a customer for a large order. These can include T-shirts, promotional pens, sticky notes with logo, promotional keychains, and photo frames. Make sure that your logo and also contact information appears in the promotional gifts.

Custom Business Gifts

A business card holder or a personalized pen can be a business gift and a practical gift. Have the recipient’s name engraved on a pen but don’t forget to include your business name to remind the recipient where it was obtained. Other personalized gifts can consist of a golf club, a pen holder with logo, a work desk clock, or a custom notebook with the recipient’s name engraved on the front.

Gift Baskets

A personalized gift basket can be an excellent corporate gift anytime. You can create little gift baskets as presents for product launch parties or make a basket full of presents with your products combined. You can create them yourself or have a gift basket company fix them for you. In addition to your company products, try to include seasonal things.

Employee giftsEmployee Gifts

Your employees work hard, and the right thing is to recognize their efforts with employee gifts. As a continuous sign of appreciation, you can buy them lunch once or twice a month, make monthly drawings for tickets to see a local sports team, or arrange getaways to go to the movies or bowling every quarter. They won’t be able to bring these gifts home, but most certainly, their morale will boost. And probably their efficiency. But even if not, by giving awards and recognition to your best employees you can achieve it. In any case, make sure you read our short articles “How Awards and Recognition Promote  Employee Efficiency” and “Employee Awards: 8 Innovative Ideas

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