FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Graphic Design/Artwork

Absolutely! Just call us at +1 (305) 985-0033 or email graphics@yellow3.co
Because of our workload, we cannot check all artwork submitted. That's why we must ask you to carefully review it yourself for errors, accuracy, and in general to be in accordance with our Graphic Standards. We only send "print-ready" artwork to production. For more information on how to design "print-ready" artwork please consult our Graphics Standards on the footer of our page.


The Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) is an industry standard color matching and reproduction system. By creating a standardized and cataloged set of colors, Pantone allows various manufacturers in different locations to make use of this system in order to make sure their product colors will match without having to directly contact one another. The actual Pantone guides consist of a large number of thin cardboard sheets measuring approximately 6"×2" (15cm×5cm) which are printed on one side with a series of color swatches and then bound into a small flipbook. An example "page" might contain a number of blues varying from light to dark, or from a "true" blue toward a more turquoise shade. Text extracted from: https://pantone.fandom.com/wiki/Pantone_Color_Matching_System
The bleed is a part of your artwork made to continue a color, a drawing, or an image outside the edge of the paper we are printing on. Sometimes we need your design to have bleeding to make sure the ink runs completely to the edge and does not stop short when the paper is cut. It is only necessary when there is a color, a drawing, or an image that goes beyond the line where the paper has to be cut. Here's a nice explainer video of what bleeding is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1Fo6ZRlarI
Please refer to the FAQ "What's a PMS Color?".


We estimate these costs because there are many factors that may affect the cost of delivery. Some of these variables are the actual weight, dimensional weight, the final number of boxes, pallets, or skids, if delivered inside or at a dock, or if it is delivered to a domestic or commercial address. In addition, fuel surcharges are now assessed by most carriers and will fluctuate with fuel costs. Therefore, your S&H costs may be different on the final invoice.

Promotional Products

Usually, if an item is decorated (branded with your logo) the price of the first column will indicate the minimum quantity that can be ordered (MOQ). Ceramics and drinkware are usually sold in full carton quantities only, but there are a few exceptions. Always let us know the item number and how many you want to order and we'll let you know if the exception applies.