Employee Awards: 8 Great Ideas To Keep Their Motivation Up

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Do you want to raise employee involvement without investing a lot of cash? Double down on your staff member recognition initiatives.

A simple way to acknowledge their effort is to give awards to employees at the end of each year or quarter. Employee Awards can be offered for anything you can imagine, but here are just a few ideas:

1. The Spirit Award

Employee Awards: 8 Innovative Ideas - Yellow3 MarketingThe Spirit Award is provided to the person who lives and breathes the company’s values every day. It is for the individual who stimulates everyone at the workplace by merely being cheerful, motivating, helpful, and friendly. The workplace is a better place because of that person, and that’s why he/she should get the Spirit Award.


2. Most Valuable Player (MVP) AwardEmployee Awards: 8 Innovative Ideas - Yellow3 Marketing

The Most Valuable Player Award is for the one staff member that proved himself to be essential. Without the MVP (most valuable player), something is true: there would be a lot of slack to grab. That’s why he/she deserves to get the MVP Award.


3. Above And Beyond Awardspirit award miami

Employees are mainly focused on their day-to-day work. And while they can help someone from time to time, they have their very own duties to take care of. But there is an employee who regularly goes beyond and beyond. He or she is continually volunteering to manage extra work and motivate their colleagues. Besides, they provide excellent service to all clients. This Above and Beyond Award is for this type of employee.


4. The Rookie of the Year AwardEmployee Awards: 8 Innovative Ideas - Yellow3 Marketing

While veteran staff members are mostly responsible for business success, in some cases a rookie can also leave his mark. What new recruitment has had one of the most favorable influences on the company during the first year of their work? He or she should have the Rookie of the Year Award.


Employee Awards: 8 Innovative Ideas - Yellow3 Marketing5. The Innovator Award

Throughout the meetings – or in casual conversation – an employee always comes up with an incredible idea. He or she is responsible for designing new revenue-generating efforts, improving operating procedures, and figuring out how to provide better customer support. He or she should have the Innovator Award.



6. The Penny-Wise AwardEmployee Awards: 8 Innovative Ideas - Yellow3 Marketing

Even if you’re given a budget, this does not mean that you should spend everything. Among the employees who handle budgets, there is always one who uses a lower portion of the allocated cash. He or she should have to be recognized for saving some money for the business. This is the person who should receive the Penny-Wise Award.


Employee Awards: 8 Innovative Ideas - Yellow3 Marketing7. The Know-it-All Award

When we want to find something, we can always go to Google. Each workplace has a staff member who seems to have a Google search engine on his head. It is the person who can easily answer each of the questions the other members of the team could ask. He’s the one who deserves the Know-It-All Award.


8. The 3C AwardEmployee Awards: 8 Innovative Ideas - Yellow3 Marketing

Undoubtedly, our work can be stressful at times. But during the busiest periods of the year, each company has an employee who always stays relaxed. While everybody else is frenzied, this person stays calm, cool, and collected (3C). This is the person who deserves the 3C Award.


Our Employee Awards list is incomplete? Of course, it is! These are just some good ideas. But if you want more, check out our new awards website by clicking on the banner below. You’ll be surprised.

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